A key ingredient to really great design is lighting, lighting, lighting. Next to great architecture, it can really transform a room.  Since each room in your home has a unique function, so too should the lighting.  Lighting makes a style statement by letting your personal style shine through while serving an important functional role. Every room needs multiple sources of light depending on the amount of natural light the room receives.  Here are five lighting trends that will help you raise the lighting quotient in your home. 

1. LED lighting has become a great  source of attractive lighting with  energy saving components  with an ever growing line of  designs.  Early on these were not the most enticing options but the technology has improved and they are now a viable product. 

2. Vintage lighting with an industrial flair can be seen now in restaurants around town.  This new trend has really caught on with use of Edison bulbs and mixed metals and strapping. Slightly more masculine in feel but they really add interest to a room. 

3. Glamorous  lighting can now be found in every room of the house.  Fancier lighting with beading, bling, and crystals are in secondary entrances, kitchens and powder rooms not just the foyer or dining room these days. 

4. Geometric lighting with sharp lines and clean edges is a real lighting trend making headway in traditional and modern decors. 

5. Metallic finishes are getting more varied.  Copper lighting, brushed nickel, aged bronze, iron, polished nickel and polished chrome are still strong as well.