Fresh Photo Walls

A large grouping is one of our favorite ways to display family or travel  photos.  Perfect locations for this format include a feature wall in a contained area of your home, within a stairwell, on a long hallway, or encompassing one large wall that is unobstructed by windows or doors. 

The beauty of black and white or sepia  photos is that they "erase"  time.  It is difficult to determine the age of photos taken in the last several decades once color variations are removed.  Many applications on smart phones can render a black and white photo from a current shot.  Older photos can be scanned and digitally altered to black and white in various photo programs or by a professional. 

Framing the photos in a consistent fashion will give you the clean, fresh look you want.  Whether your frames are black, white, chrome, silver, platinum or gold just be sure they are all similar.  This allows the eye to rest on the presentation of the photo, not the framing. 

Displaying photos in this way can be done with identical sized frames or a great variety of frames carefully laid out for a balanced effect. This is the perfect way to personalize your home in a dramatic yet understated way. You will love the result!

Need help with your photo wall?  No problem! Give us a call or drop us a line. It would be our pleasure to help you tell your story on a photo wall.