Allison Smith Interiors is about...your story. Whether it begins with a single room or a blank slate to dream big, design always starts with who you are and what you want your happily ever after to be. 



Paint Selection

Color is the foundation to which all design is centered upon. Selecting the right paint is critical to achieving the look and feel that you desire for your home. Start smart and build your story brilliantly.

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The scenes into which we view our life start with good design. Balance, symmetry, spatial continuity, perfect proportions, are only a few of the words that make up the DesignStories we write. Celebrate every moment in the way you live...where you live.



Details are everything. The objects we surround ourselves with create vignettes that build a story into a masterpiece. Selecting the right furnishings is paramount to how we live through the journey of each day.

Each line in a story has purpose. Every room has one too. Design with intent. 


These views into our clients' stories are where you can see the beginning and end of the beautiful unfolding of a scene from a favorite place or memory. Captured in design that speaks to who they are. Enjoy the journey.   


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We had a valued and excellent experience with Allison Smith Interiors as she delivered exactly what we wanted, and then exceeded our initial vision. She designed for our soul first, and then for our home….Priceless indeed! Allison Smith helped us achieve the stylish and peaceful “taste of heaven” that we were hoping for.
— Jacki Howerin

 Allison Smith, Principal Designer and Owner, Writer of your story


Allison understands the nature of a good story. It's one layered in beauty, surrounded by awe, and shining with glorious moments. Interested in telling your story, she and her team work hard to curate a room or home to reflect what you want for the overall design aesthetic. Clients are the main character in this story and Allison makes sure your interests are paramount in the experience that a design by Allison Smith Interiors affords. Learn more about Allison HERE



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