Howerin Home     Simpsonville, South Carolina

Allison Smith Interiors starts with the defining concept of the” feel” that you want for your home and then she brings it to life with design, product and professionalism.  We are a corporate family, and having moved nine times, we know the challenges of making a house a home, and turning rooms of space into areas of comfort and enjoyment.  We have worked with Allison Smith and Patty Clark for seven months now, and every decision has been a pleasure with prompt attention to detail, delivery and design. 

My husband and I wanted a peaceful serenity throughout our home, and Allison and Patty presented options that would bring the correct lighting, furniture, window treatments and accessories into our rooms. I wanted a “taste of heaven” in our living area so that when we gathered as a family at the end of the day we could be surrounded by timeless comfort and celestial calm. The feel, and the look was achieved, and this is the room that we gravitate to after dinnertime to relax and enjoy the rest of our day. The favorite feature of our home is our chandelier because it seems to draw everyone in….it defines the room bringing together dressy and casual, uncluttered and modern, and beauty and comfort.

The delight of the journey of the design that produced our space was equally as enjoyable as the finished product. From concept to transformation, Allison and Patty helped create a wonderful memory attached to the room that was free of stress or error.  Our home is replete with the expression of light, timelessness and peace. We had a valued and excellent experience with Allison Smith Interiors as she delivered exactly what we wanted, and then exceeded our initial vision. She designed for our soul first, and then for our home….Priceless indeed! Allison Smith helped us achieve the stylish and peaceful” taste of heaven” that we wanted for our home. 

I assure you that she, and her talented staff, will deliver for your family also in a professional, creative and friendly manner. I assure you, you will also enjoy every step of your home’s transformation when you work with her. Allison Smith Interiors is our answer to every room in our home.

Jacki Howerin


McKinney Home    Greenville, South Carolina

Allison is such an incredible designer! She first and foremost has amazing vision with a keen eye for details, but she is also incredibly easy to work with. I have used Allison for years from very small projects on to a complete kitchen renovation. She learns your style and guides you according to your needs! She is professional, efficient and makes the entire process easy and fun!

Stacie McKinney


Clark Home    Greenville, South Carolina

I  originally found Allison when I was looking on Houzz. I made an appointment with her for a project I had to completely remodel my family room. She was the second person I reached out to because I felt like the first interior decorator I consulted with just wasn't getting my style. I immediately liked Allison upon meeting her. She was professional, on time and eager to gain an understanding of what I wanted to do to transform my room. I was having trouble figuring out furniture layout and she had great ideas right out of the gate. Being impressed by her ideas and understanding of my style, I hired her on the spot! In the weeks that followed she did exactly what I needed her to, narrow my options to make decision making easy! She would send me three options for a piece I needed and I would always love one of them! The collaborative process was so fun and the end result was a family room I still love walking in to everyday! We have worked together on many projects since. She helped me with converting my screened in porch in to an enclosed sunroom as well and it is now our favorite room in the house! Working with Allison is a decision you will not regret! Call her for your next project!

Laura Clark